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At T Taylor Marketing & Design, you will receive a completely custom, mobile- friendly, brand-geard, Wix website.

Tiffany of T Taylor Markeitng and Design is also an expert in SEO (search engine optimization), so she can help you make sure that your website is found on search engines for the keywords desired.

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InstaPicnic & Co 

InstaPicnic & Co is a local St.Pete, FL business that specializes in outdoor and indoor picnics. The owner needed a website that would allow potential customers to view their packages, as well as request booking information. It was also important to make their IG defined, with a feed on their homepage.

Ori Solar

Ori Solar Company is a locally owned company in Tampa, FL and was looking for a website that expressed their branding, as well as options for potential clients to view their solar services. The company also wanted to have an online booking system that would allow any visitor to book a free consultation.

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Linz the Wiz Hair

Linz of Linz the Wiz Hair needed a full branding package, along with a website. She wanted a custom, branded website that allowed her potential clients, to view her hair art, with the ability to contact her to book and display her pricing.

Selene Salon & Spa

Selene Salon & Spa is a locally-owned Salon and Spa in Gufport, FL. The company was looking for their website to include their services offered, as well as details about those services, and a booking system for clients. They wanted the website to be brand inclusive, as well as inviting with a serene, beachy, feel.

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Blush & Blade

Blush & Blade is a Permanent Makeup, Skincare Studio, and Microblading Academy, located in Pinellas Park, FL. The owner wanted a website that had an easy flow to it, as well as being informational without being overwhelming. She also wanted the services they offered to be easily found, along with booking linked to her Square booking system.

My Bod My Biz

My Bod My Biz, is a feminist clothing company, that wanted an e-commerce website with a minimalist feel. It was important to them that their message was clear, as well as their emphasis on giving back.

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On Ramp Logistics

OnRamp Logistics is an Amazon delivery partner, located in St. Pete, FL. It was important for this company to have a website that allowed potential employees to apply, as well as information on their services. 

Okalani the Octopus

Author and artist, Shelly Augsbury, wanted a sea-themed website that allowed visitors to view information on her books and art for sale. With the ability for visitors to also purchase the book directly from the website.

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InstaPicnic & Co 

Luxury Picnics by YJ Events is a local luxury pop-up picnic company in Orlando, FL. The owner wanted their website to represent their brand's soft, pink aesthetic as well as have booking capability with options for packages clearly displayed.

Boudoir Heart

Boudoir Heart is a photography company that specializes in female empowerment through boudoir photography. Their team wanted to put emphasis on their message, branding, and services. Along with including a seamless booking element.  

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Juniper & Lane

Juniper & Lane, led by Kristen Scheidly, is a company based in St. Petersburg, FL offering Mobile Notary Services and Wedding Officiant Services. The owner wanted her love for steampunk and animals to be visible in her branding and website design. Also, she wanted her services displayed in a unique way, will the capability for visitors to easily inquire, as well as book online.

Why Wix?


Wix's website builder tools make it super easy to update text, photos, slideshows, videos, and pages. The website builder is amazingly flexible, allowing complete redesigns to be possible at any time, or allowing for simple design changes like editing background images or colors or changing the header or menu on all the pages.  You will never feel limited by your custom designed site, as the website builder tool allows for easy editing of 100% of everything on your pages.


We really love that an entire website can be setup in Wix for free, the only cost is that they put their logo at the top and bottom of the trial websites.  If you want to use your own custom domain name, or if you don’t want the Wix branding, you can simply upgrade to a paid version, which is the same cost as regular hosting plans.  


Wix has what we would call a million-dollar Content Management System (CMS) that costs nearly the same as regular hosting – $9.25  a month for a basic Combo plan, or just $16.17 for an eCommerce plan. While there are a lot of other CMS systems out there such as WordPress, or GoDaddy's web building tools, nothing compares to the ease of use of Wix. 


Wix offers a shopping cart system that will allow you to quickly setup an online store to sell products, services, or registrations for events or classes online. The built-in ecommerce cart has all the features you need to sell online. You can use Paypal,, Stripe, or other payment gateways to process the payments with no ongoing monthly fees. You can also easily integrate your Wix website with third-party ecommerce systems. . 


With nearly everyone having a smartphone these days, having a mobile-friendly website is crucial for optimal viewing of your website content on all devices. Wix has a built-in mobile layout that uses the same content as your main pages but lets you organize it in a vertical, mobile-friendly layout. To help simplify your content for phones, it allows you to setup size adjustments, or hide items in the mobile view so that it is as easy to use on phones as possible. It even has a built-in mobile menu that can be customized. 


Wix allows complete customization for optimal Search Engine Optimization. You can set up alt tags, meta keywords, meta descriptions, and custom page titles so that you can optimize your web pages to help Google and other search engines index and rank your website. Because of the ease of use of Wix websites, it also encourages you to update and add content to your site often, and in the Search Engine world: CONTENT IS KING. The more content you add to your site, especially original content, the more Google and other engines will find your site relevant and move you higher in the search results. 

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